Monday, December 14, 2009

Owly Monday again!

Oh the cuteness over at Cafepress!  There is just so much that its almost unbearable.  I could EASILY spend a fortune.
So I'll start off with something I have...

I got this Sigg water bottle as an Elfster gift (thanx Andrea!!!)   I've been drinking lots of water lately since I have this owly ecofriendly bottle.
Now something I can relate to.

We have a Great Horned Owl in rehab right now that has this attitude.  She doesn't realize she has some pretty bad soft tissue injuries and its quite scary to pick her up to administer meds.  I know my volunteers can back me up on this!

And this baby Barn Owl ornament speaks for itself.


The nerd in me loves this shirt

And to sum it all up:

Cafepress must be like the Walmart of really neat personalized gifts.  They have EVERYTHING for anyone. (ps. I don't work for cafe press....I just really like their ginormous owl selection!)

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