Monday, January 25, 2010


No, I'm not meditating, but I am excited that its Owly Monday again!  Its gonna be a little Owly and a little Crafty today. 

Apparently there is a whole line of Japanese Beers that has an owl on all the labels! If I every make it to Whole Foods, I hope to find this Hitachino Beer.

I whipped up 3 of these fleece scarfs in about 10 minutes.  Soooooo easy.  I made a few of these back at Christmas for my mom and my Paw Paw.  He got kinda mad at me because I got him a gift, but when I told him I made it he didn't mind so much.  He especially loved the "cowboy" fleece scarf.
One Owly Scarf for me and I don't know who gets the other 2.

Barbed Wire Barn Owl is looking soooooooo good! Its just so impressive!
Here's Day 1 as a reminder of how it looked.

And here is Day 43
Can you believe its the same bird?  S/He's getting very anxious and is very ready to be out of the box.  It could possibly be next week.  And as his/her feathers' grow in and can insulate him/her from the cold, s/he'll go outside.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Owl Fix

I hope you enjoyed last weeks Birdy Monday.  I've got some kickin' Owly stuff this week.  And when I type kickin' I'm typing about shooooees! Thats right Owly shoes.  I have some wonderful Skecheters that have since been discontinued and I know I'll just cry my heart out when they wear out. 

I lurve these Fossil Owly Rain boots found at Pronto Style.  These would come in real handy in the summer when the drain gets all clogged and I have to wade ankle deep in water to clear it out so the birds don't get flooded out in their aviaries.

Seems like wall decals are everywhere and there are sooooo many to choose from on Etsy.  Here are just a few.

Seller: Popwall

Seller: designedDESIGNER

Seller: SurfaceFlik

And this cute Owl Shelf from Seller: TheWoodenOwl

That didn't even scratch the surface on Etsy.  There is so much and it just shows you how creative the world is. 

Now on to some rehab updates.  Its been a pretty exciting week at AWC.  We're gearing up for Wild About Chocolate.  We just had Audubon Teaches Nature which featured our education Raptors as well as some from Camp Cosby and the 4-H Center.  But the major event happened suddenly and unexpectedly.  We got a call from one of our most fabulous Raptor Transporters and he got a call from a friend in Hale County that they had an Eagle.  We rarely get those and usually when people say they have an Eagle its can be anything from a Cooper's Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, baby Mourning Dove, Brown Thrasher, Northern Mockingbird and others. 
This is what arrived an hour after the call:

Its an Immature Bald Eagle!  It weighed about 8lbs and stretched from my chin to my knees.
(thats me holding it!)  There were a couple of fractures in the wing and some necrotic soft tissue on its lower abdomen and some soft tissue injuries on its feet.  We sent it to Auburn the next day and found out that the radiographs showed gunshot in its good wing. GUNSHOT?! Who does that?! 
It is currently being investigated.
We also managed to get our Peregrine Falcon in a flight cage after being in treatment for several months.  A fractured humerus and a internal/external pin and several weeks of physical therapy kept him inside for 4 months.  He's definately glad to be outside.

The Barbed Wire Barn Owl is looking GREAT.  The wound is soooooo very close to being healed.

The baby Barn Owls are getting fiestier and fiestier.  The youngest is leaping/lunging at me which is great.  I know I've done my job not to have him used to people!  They are definately going out to a flight cage next week and be on live prey by the end of the month. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not-quite-Owly Monday

So I've decided that today will actually be Birdy Monday.  In addition to my obsession of all things Owl, I also am very much obsessed with all things Birdy.  I submit to you some birdy goodness for this week!
(and also Barn Owl updates to get your owl fix in)

I just love Charlie Harper's artwork.  The humor, whimsy and personal interpretation of birds and wildlife just speaks to me.  I got this little book a few years ago and it sits on the living room coffee table for guests to enjoy.
And if you're in the market for a good birding field guide, I highly recommend the Sibley Field Guides.  I'm partial to the Eastern guide since, well, thats where I live.  The illustrations and variations in plumage are fantastic.

I was checking out Macy's after receiving an email and I found these Sconces. I hope I can talk Mr. Owl into these to replace the broken ones on the front porch.

Now its time for something completely different.
Well not COMPLETELY, but still.
The Barn Owl babies are doing soooooooo good! They are very angry anytime you pull their leftovers or feed them, which is PERFECT because that means I did my job correctly thus far.  They really look like Barn Owls now...almost all of their down is gone. And I'm still going with both of them being males.
This is the youngest...he's doing his "No, no's" (Read Wesley the Owl for a full discription)  Typical threatening Barn Owl behavior.  They shake there heads back and forth along the ground. 
They'll be going outside next week (when the weather is a bit warmer).  Soon they'll be flying around the flight cage and we'll be giving them live prey and they'll probably be release early February!

Barbed Wire Barn Owl is getting better and better.  The wound seems to be getting smaller and the tissue is coming in nicely.  And look at those pin feathers!

As almost everyone knows, its COOOOLLLDD! Like snow in Florida cold.  All they hype they were building for the snow we were supposed to get here in Alabama didn't amount to much. 

I hear its still pretty icy and snow is still on the ground in my home (and neighboring) state, Georgia
(GO DAWGS!).  So all my friends and careful over there!

And hopefully I will get the motivation to start some sewing (with my fancy new bright Otte light!) and some organizing projects in the next few weeks.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its the First Monday of 2010!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!  I was worried I'd be spending the New Year with the flu, but thank goodness I just had some 48 hour bug.  Weird.  Anywhoooo...I have a few Baby Owl and Barbed Wire Owl updates.
The Babies are really coming along in their feather development.  They are starting to get their body coverts in, which are white, so I'm beginning to think they will both be males.  I'd be 100% if it weren't for the "dirty" redish look to the feathers around their eyes.  We'll see when all of their feathers come in.

The Barbed Wire Barn Owl is doing great, except that he/she keeps pulling her stitches out.  I think the vet has finally just said to leave it open and heal itself.  We're back to rinsing and putting trypsyme on it daily and its still on antibiotics.

Taken on 12-29-09

This is from the morning of 12-30-09.  I went home sick before noon and she/he pulled the stitches out that afternoon and had to go back to the vet.

1-2-10.  Its getting smaller and looking pretty good.  You can't see it, but the skin is a little awkward on the lower half of its torso.  I think that will "fix" itself as the top part of the wound improves.  And you can sort of see that the body feathers are coming in around the wound! I'm very glad to see that!

Now on to Owly Monday!

I must have this hoodie from Target!

And oooohhh, how I wish I could knit!  I'd make one of these in every color!  The pattern can be found here.

This Owl Lamp can be found at Better Living Through Design.
I found these doormats and placemats at Uncommon Goods.