Monday, July 23, 2012

Sympathy Card

Here is a Sympathy Card I made for a friend whose mom had recently passed away.

My inspiration card was from Handmade by Michelle
And her card can be found in this post.

The Owl

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bird Nerd Adventures

I'll start this new post segment by revisiting my last birding trip.  This trip was a last minute one planned because of a discussion about the Red-cockaded Woodpecker colony that has been established in a southern section of the Talladega National Forest.  In order to have the best possibility of sighting these endangered birds, we met at 4:15am to take an hour ride to the area where the birds were.  It was an absolutely beautiful country drive in the fog and early morning light. 
(photos courtesy of my wonderful husband) 

Bird List for the day: (S=saw, H=heard)

Red-cockaded Woodpecker - S
Indigo Bunting - S,H
Eastern Wood Pewee - S,H
Eastern Bluebird - S,H
American Robin - S,H
Summer Tanager (female) - S,H
Pine Warbler - S,H
American Goldfinch - S,H
American Kestrel - S,H
Red-eyed Vireo - S,H
White-eyed Vireo - S,H
Blue-headed Vireo - S
Scarlet Tanager (male) - S,H
Carolina Chickadee - S,H
Tufted Titmouse - S,H
Northern Cardinal - S,H
Yellow-billed Cuckoo - S,H
Black-throated Green Warbler - S
Black-and-White Warbler - S
Brown-headed Nuthatch - S,H
Northern Flicker - S,H
Downy Woodpecker - S,H
Prairie Warbler - H
Blue Grosbeak - H

Definately one of the best birding trips I've been on since joining the Birmingham Audubon Society.  I highly recommend you join your local Audubon Society and get out and enjoy nature!

The Owl

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mother's Day Cards

This is my favorite card that I've made so far. I gave it to my mom for Mother's Day.  Sorry for the picture quality, I forgot to take a pic before giving it to mom, so I took it after I gave it to her.

Inspiration for the card came from a Pin someone posted and the original post was from SplitCoastStampers.
I just loved the image play and how she incorporated the birds.

This is the one I gave to my Mother-in-Law for Mother's Day.  Also forgot to take a picture of this one before giving it to mom.

And my inspiration came from one of my favorite card making blogs Simplicity.  Her blog title says it all; the sheer genius and beauty in such simple cards is truly inspiring.   
And I've really been subscribing to her rule of thirds.  

The Owl

Friday, July 13, 2012

So, I've neglected this blog for over a year.  Terribly sorry to have disappointed anyone, but I'm back! Its been an interesting year.  I've changed positions within the Zoo and am working with the wonderful veterinary staff which I couldn't be happier about.  I've even started the ball rolling on going to Vet Tech school (of which I'm thrilled and terrified all at the same time).  I got the most wonderful birthday gift that I'm absolutely in love with...

Still learning the machine and the software as well, but the community support just can't be beat (instead of being the big bully should take note and work a little more on your customer service and producing a quality product - just sayin'). Most of my creating has been cardmaking lately. I've been especially addicted to stamping and am starting to get into embossing. I've also decided I'm going to contribute to Operation Write Home. I've really felt a calling to do something for my country and something to support our troops and their families for all the sacrifices they've made. Its also going to help me be more creative and productive in making my cards. So I encourage everyone out there to support our troops, boost their morale and support our country!

Now for my returning FF post
This beautiful Luna Moth was spotted in Bankhead National Forest after eating our picnic lunch on a Birmingham Audubon Society birding trip.  Speaking of BAS and birding.  I've decided to begin posting reports of birds sighted on our trips and possibly a picture or two. (I say possibly because its so darn hard to take pictures when you've got binoculars plastered to your eyes all the time.) So stay tuned!

The Owl