Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Owly Tuesday

Welcome to the first installment of Owly Tuesday! Its been quite the busy week at the Center.  We've gotten a lot more baby birds in and with the severe weather and high winds this weekend the baby raptors are definately flood in.  We've also been planning our first Wild Baby Shower that will take place May 8th (the day before Mother's Day!).  We've got a cute game planned and I've got to work hard on sewing some things for it and possibly baking some Owl Cupcakes as well. 
I've got a few crafty things to share. 
First the Spring/Summer wreath I made.  Nothing fancy, and I'm hoping a bird couple might find it appealing as a bird nest site.

And I've been working on a project that I've been wanting to do for the longest time.  Its not fully complete, but I'll give you a sneak peak.

A few Owly finds at JoAnn and SUPER cheap ($1!!)
I bought about 6 of these.  I'm thinking 2-3 to keep to organize my crafty stuff and the rest I will save to use in the Craft and Bake sale we have in December.  I'm thinking Owly Cookies or Owly Ornaments.  And they've got a little label holder.

And I just loved these things when I was a kid.  I used to get those Lisa Frank ones all the time.  I thought these would be cute for either prizes for the Shower game or even used during our Creatures of the Night event in October.

Have a great week!

The Owl

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Owly Monday

It'll probably be Owly Tuesday from now on.  Since my schedule has changed at work, its gonna be easier for me to post on Tuesdays thru the end of summer.

I had a wonderful time with my Hubs at Callaway Gardens celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary.  Saw lots of birds and the azaleas were blooming beautifully.  No Callaway visit would be complete without a visit to the Butterfly House.

And behold.....
The Owl Butterfly!

Some visitors warned us that there was a snake on one of the trails.  Of course we had to see what it was.  I wanted to make sure it was off the trail so noone else would find it and hurt it.  It was just a simple rat snake sunning itself.  Cuteness!

They still had some of their Easter sculptures out. This one was to cute.
2 Birdies!

Just a few items for you.  I'm trying not to tempt myself by going out to "window shop."  I just know I'll want whatever Owly item I can find!  And Sam's already threatening that I need to pick my most favoriet Owl item and the rest will disappear.  He would neeeeever. ; )

You must check out Night Owl Paper Goods!  They have some amazing cards, totes gifts and more.  Lots of eco-friendly products and they are local.  I just love all of their artwork. 

 And who would ever need an owl serving dish?
Uhhhhh....that would be me.  I mean, I do TONS of serving.  Ok, well, I would if I had it!

How cute is this nursery set from Amazon?  (And to those wondering....NO!)  I posted this because I thought of my college BFF that I got to visit and finally meet her son and thought of him. 
Lurve the lamp!

  Have a wonderful week!

The Owl

Monday, April 12, 2010

2 Years Ago Today

I married my High School Sweetheart! 
I've decided to post a few memories in honor of the beg day...and some of it is, in fact, owly related. 
Crazy, right?!

It stormed horribly through our rehersal...luckily the chapel was covered and we stayed not soaked.
On wedding day, it was beautiful!  Everyone said it was the perfect temperature, but I was a bit cold, especially since I was in a sleeveless dress.  But the excitement of the day helped me ignore the temps.  The dogwoods were blooming and the trees were so lush and green.  It was exactly how I pictured it.
 One of my fav pix.

 The Dogwood's were so pretty.

My bouquet.  Silver Sparkely Shoes! 
And yes I walked thru the woods in my dress.  I'm not some priss pot...the best pix came from us in the woods.  And I like dancing with leaves and twiggs in my shoes.

I'm probably the only bride who could really care less about a manicure before her wedding.

We had a Memory Table set up at the entrance to the chapel for those loved ones who couldn't make the wedding in the flesh.  We felt them present in our hearts.
We lost 3 Grandmothers the year before our wedding.  The bottom picture is my Dad's Mom (MawMaw) and the top picture is of my Mom's Mom (Grandmother).

Sam's Granny (his Dad's Mom, bottome picture) passed away a few days after I'd decided to stop by one day and tell her that we were getting married.  She was so very excited and told every hospice nurse that came to care for her.  His Mom's Dad (Granddaddy, top picture)passed away the December before we started dating, and unfortunately I never got to meet him.
Sam's MawMaw also passed.  She took care of him and his sister when they were growing up.

You can't see here, but our minister was wearing sunglasses!  Hilarious!

I cut out birds in the colors of the wedding and used them as a "guestbook."  We bought a Maple Tree that we would plant in our yard after the wedding and put the signed birds in a scrapbook.  The birds haven't made it into the scrapbook, but the tree survived horrid winds and torential rains and 3 months in its pot and drought.  Its currently leafing out now in our backyard!
Our Cake, w/ Owly cake toppers.
It was sooo tastey!  Strawberry filling with whole strawberries between the layers.

Daddy's little girl.

Yes, Leslie, I gues it was.

My hair...I found some birdy pins on Etsy.
This was a Barred Owl I rehabbed and we were able to release during the reception. 

The Owl

Monday, April 5, 2010

Owly Monday

Sam and I went home a few weeks ago to spend some time with my family.  We ended up visiting a very busy Georgia Aquarium.

Afterwards, we returned to my hometown and needed to kill some time before meeting Sam's parents for dinner, so we hit up the mall.  Borders was the place for Owly stuff.  There were all kinds of journals,

totes, an umbrella....and wrapping paper!
Oh, how I wish I could buy them out of it! There was tissue paper, but I had to restrain myself.  Couldn't justify the umbrella because I just don't use them and my rainjacket is more practical.
If you're near a Border's bookstore, check it out!

The Owl