Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas edition of Owly Monday

So with the holidays, I haven't had much time to gather owly tidbits for you.  I am, however, going to post some owly goodies that I got for Christmas.  Some of it isn't owl related, but more bird related.  And maybe sometimes Owly Mondays may just turn into Birdy Mondays on my random whims.  Who knows?

I also wanted to share updates on the Barn Owls.
The babies are developing so fast.  They're starting to get their flight feathers and their facial discs are almost fully formed.  They're starting to look like Barn Owls.  Here's a pic from Saturday 12/26.

The barbed wire adult Barn Owl is doing great.  He went to the vet on Monday and they did something sorta new and genious.  They put 2 washers at the ends of the wound and losely sutured the wound and pulled the suture thru the washer.  He put split shot (apparently used for fishing) on top of the washer and attached to the suture.  Every few days we tighten the suture and put a new split shot on.  The vet wasn't able to suture up the wound because of its size and because the skin is so thin. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and will have an even better New Year!

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