Monday, March 15, 2010

Shoulda crafted an ark!

We've had soooo much rain recently.  Unfortunately we had way to much Wednesday, and my 9 mile commute home from work turned into an 1hr and 1/2 nightmare drive home.  And when I got home, I found this:

Our basement had about 6 inches of water in it.  It looked like it was a little higher from the waterline.  Luckily it all drained out within a few hours.  Not too much damage, but we'll definately have to replace our AC units and possibly the downstairs furnace.  I had some old notebooks from college and about a dozen books that were destroyed.  I think everything else is ok.
(the cans are part of my craft room organization...they're primed, and need to be painted, the pillow case was so stiff that it acted as a flotation device for the helpless cans that were stuck to it).

 The Owl

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  1. Wow... I am so sad to see your flooding! ...and your craft room was floating long in there too! How amazing that you were able to stay positive in light of all that!

    Dry HUGS! Really really dry!