Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Owly Monday

It'll probably be Owly Tuesday from now on.  Since my schedule has changed at work, its gonna be easier for me to post on Tuesdays thru the end of summer.

I had a wonderful time with my Hubs at Callaway Gardens celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary.  Saw lots of birds and the azaleas were blooming beautifully.  No Callaway visit would be complete without a visit to the Butterfly House.

And behold.....
The Owl Butterfly!

Some visitors warned us that there was a snake on one of the trails.  Of course we had to see what it was.  I wanted to make sure it was off the trail so noone else would find it and hurt it.  It was just a simple rat snake sunning itself.  Cuteness!

They still had some of their Easter sculptures out. This one was to cute.
2 Birdies!

Just a few items for you.  I'm trying not to tempt myself by going out to "window shop."  I just know I'll want whatever Owly item I can find!  And Sam's already threatening that I need to pick my most favoriet Owl item and the rest will disappear.  He would neeeeever. ; )

You must check out Night Owl Paper Goods!  They have some amazing cards, totes gifts and more.  Lots of eco-friendly products and they are local.  I just love all of their artwork. 

 And who would ever need an owl serving dish?
Uhhhhh....that would be me.  I mean, I do TONS of serving.  Ok, well, I would if I had it!

How cute is this nursery set from Amazon?  (And to those wondering....NO!)  I posted this because I thought of my college BFF that I got to visit and finally meet her son and thought of him. 
Lurve the lamp!

  Have a wonderful week!

The Owl

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  1. Wow... our calloways is not nearly as cool that yours! How fantastic!

    Congrats on your anniversary sweet pea!

    Owl ya later!