Monday, January 4, 2010

Its the First Monday of 2010!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!  I was worried I'd be spending the New Year with the flu, but thank goodness I just had some 48 hour bug.  Weird.  Anywhoooo...I have a few Baby Owl and Barbed Wire Owl updates.
The Babies are really coming along in their feather development.  They are starting to get their body coverts in, which are white, so I'm beginning to think they will both be males.  I'd be 100% if it weren't for the "dirty" redish look to the feathers around their eyes.  We'll see when all of their feathers come in.

The Barbed Wire Barn Owl is doing great, except that he/she keeps pulling her stitches out.  I think the vet has finally just said to leave it open and heal itself.  We're back to rinsing and putting trypsyme on it daily and its still on antibiotics.

Taken on 12-29-09

This is from the morning of 12-30-09.  I went home sick before noon and she/he pulled the stitches out that afternoon and had to go back to the vet.

1-2-10.  Its getting smaller and looking pretty good.  You can't see it, but the skin is a little awkward on the lower half of its torso.  I think that will "fix" itself as the top part of the wound improves.  And you can sort of see that the body feathers are coming in around the wound! I'm very glad to see that!

Now on to Owly Monday!

I must have this hoodie from Target!

And oooohhh, how I wish I could knit!  I'd make one of these in every color!  The pattern can be found here.

This Owl Lamp can be found at Better Living Through Design.
I found these doormats and placemats at Uncommon Goods.

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