Monday, January 11, 2010

Not-quite-Owly Monday

So I've decided that today will actually be Birdy Monday.  In addition to my obsession of all things Owl, I also am very much obsessed with all things Birdy.  I submit to you some birdy goodness for this week!
(and also Barn Owl updates to get your owl fix in)

I just love Charlie Harper's artwork.  The humor, whimsy and personal interpretation of birds and wildlife just speaks to me.  I got this little book a few years ago and it sits on the living room coffee table for guests to enjoy.
And if you're in the market for a good birding field guide, I highly recommend the Sibley Field Guides.  I'm partial to the Eastern guide since, well, thats where I live.  The illustrations and variations in plumage are fantastic.

I was checking out Macy's after receiving an email and I found these Sconces. I hope I can talk Mr. Owl into these to replace the broken ones on the front porch.

Now its time for something completely different.
Well not COMPLETELY, but still.
The Barn Owl babies are doing soooooooo good! They are very angry anytime you pull their leftovers or feed them, which is PERFECT because that means I did my job correctly thus far.  They really look like Barn Owls now...almost all of their down is gone. And I'm still going with both of them being males.
This is the youngest...he's doing his "No, no's" (Read Wesley the Owl for a full discription)  Typical threatening Barn Owl behavior.  They shake there heads back and forth along the ground. 
They'll be going outside next week (when the weather is a bit warmer).  Soon they'll be flying around the flight cage and we'll be giving them live prey and they'll probably be release early February!

Barbed Wire Barn Owl is getting better and better.  The wound seems to be getting smaller and the tissue is coming in nicely.  And look at those pin feathers!

As almost everyone knows, its COOOOLLLDD! Like snow in Florida cold.  All they hype they were building for the snow we were supposed to get here in Alabama didn't amount to much. 

I hear its still pretty icy and snow is still on the ground in my home (and neighboring) state, Georgia
(GO DAWGS!).  So all my friends and careful over there!

And hopefully I will get the motivation to start some sewing (with my fancy new bright Otte light!) and some organizing projects in the next few weeks.

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