Monday, January 25, 2010


No, I'm not meditating, but I am excited that its Owly Monday again!  Its gonna be a little Owly and a little Crafty today. 

Apparently there is a whole line of Japanese Beers that has an owl on all the labels! If I every make it to Whole Foods, I hope to find this Hitachino Beer.

I whipped up 3 of these fleece scarfs in about 10 minutes.  Soooooo easy.  I made a few of these back at Christmas for my mom and my Paw Paw.  He got kinda mad at me because I got him a gift, but when I told him I made it he didn't mind so much.  He especially loved the "cowboy" fleece scarf.
One Owly Scarf for me and I don't know who gets the other 2.

Barbed Wire Barn Owl is looking soooooooo good! Its just so impressive!
Here's Day 1 as a reminder of how it looked.

And here is Day 43
Can you believe its the same bird?  S/He's getting very anxious and is very ready to be out of the box.  It could possibly be next week.  And as his/her feathers' grow in and can insulate him/her from the cold, s/he'll go outside.

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  1. I love your owl love! And yes, you can totally share my owl love on your blog, thanks for asking. You should check out the Matthew Mead Halloween book that I talked about in my Hootenanny post, it's has so much owl detail for the party.