Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So very busy a bit of Owly Tuesday

First, I wanted to say a little something about the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.  The Center is currently on standby to send some of the staff (including me) to the Coast when needed.  Its just a horrible ecological and economic disaster.  There won't be any healthy fish for the local business and tourism is going to suffer greatly.  There won't be any healthy food for the animals to eat and therefore their young will starve.
Its going to take a while for the true effects to present, but I can guarantee its not going to be good at all.
People are so eager to help right now, but most of the help is going to be needed further down the road and I hope their enthusiasm will sustain throughout the devestation.

Now on to a few brighter things.  We've been busy on the yard the past few weeks and I've been dying to test out my green thumb.  So I've planted a few things.
This is one of 2 hanging baskets on the front porch.  Plectranthus (the green leafy stuff), Begonias (pink, white and red flowers) and Ajuga "Mahogany" (purple flowers). 

I've planted a few Oakleaf Hydrangeas from some cuttings my coworker gave me.  We'll see how they do, if they don't make it, thats ok.  They wer free!  But I really hope they do b/c I love Oakleafs.

Our wedding tree (Red Maple) we planted June 2008 is doing really well! We thought it wasn't going to make it because of all the highwinds and sitting in the pot for 2+ months.
Here it is at the wedding.  It was soooooo windy when we bought it and drove it to the reception area.  It looked sad.
But its lush and grean and has grown a lot in 2 years.

I'll be working hard on sewing a 3 each of fish, worm, mouse and sunflower seed for this weekends Wild Baby Shower!  And a few other things are also up my sleeve.  So, till next Tuesday...have a great week!

The Owl

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  1. Hi! Would love to have you post our owl craft! Thanks for the link in advance.