Monday, February 1, 2010


Here we are again.  Its Owly Monday time (kinda like Howdy Doody, but more modern and Owl-like).  I'm feelin a little more crafty today, so thats what I'm gonna share.  There are so many cute owl related crafts out there. 
Hostess {with the mostess} shared this really cute Anthropology inspired baby shower.  I think we could use some of these ideas in creating a WildBaby Shower for the Center.  Look at those Owl hand fans!

I just love these stir sticks! And guess what?  They are SUPER easy to make.  Jesi Haack created this tutorial
I'm thinkin these would be super cute as cupcake toppers.
And guess who has that Martha Stewert Owl punch.......

Tiffany over at la T da has a cute tutorial on how to make these cute Valentine Owl Moonpies for your sweetheart, friends and family.
I just wish they weren't made with Marshmallows...too bad for this vegetarian.

Not Just a Mommy! has a really cute Felt Owl tutorial for Valentines Day.  You could totally change the color of the felt for any holiday (red/gree/white for Christmas) or make 'em more natural looking by using browns, blacks and tans.

And guess what I found at Hobby Lobby....

Owl vases for super cheap! Sam keeps askin' what I'm gonna do with them.  They're going on the maybe put some flowers in 'em?  Or just leave them as is, in all their ceramic-owly-vase glory.

A quick update on the Barbed Wire Barn Owl.  Alllllllllmost healed.  Look how many feathers are coming in!  I just can't be more excited about this.  S/he's certainly ready to be healed and outside.
I would post a picture of the Baby Barn Owls outside, but they are always in their nest box...and thats probably because I go out there during daylight hours.  But I can tell you they are flying great and eating well!
Maybe I can catch a glimpse of them to snap a pic this coming week.
The Owl

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  1. The owl baby shower is adorable - thanks for the link!