Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, Monday

Sorry I didn't get around to posting last week.  Its been a little busy and I was just so worn out from having a TreeTop cleanup Saturday and Sunday.  I was just worthless Monday and its amazing I got up and out to celebrate the hub's birthday with some of the family.
Princess approves of the cleanup.

Now on to some Owl goodies.  In one of my previous posts I showed you some Owly pajamas (that I got for Christmas!!!).  Well, there's a whole line of stuff matching it out there that you can find at Endless and Amazon.  I really like this travel set....and the zipper pulls are owls!

And then there are these cute pajama pants. 
(I do love pajama pants...its a must when I walk thru the door from a long day at work.)

We were in World Market the other day and they had some really nice Owl pillows.  We didn't get them because they would just be ruined by the kittens who think everything is a toy for them to play with.  I couldn't find it on the website and my oldschool cell doesn't have a camera on you'll just have to go there to see them. I did however find this plaque in the clearance section AND they had an additional percentage off.  I'm just bummed they didn't have more than one.

Have a great week everyone.

The Owl

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