Monday, February 15, 2010

Southern Snow and a few Owl Odds and Ends

Its rare here in the south to get any accumulation of snow.  We usually only get a semi-decent amount once per winter, but this winter has been extraordinary for us. We've had several occasions of snow, but this past weekend we had a good amount, especially in the park.  Our house didn't see very much:
Looking out from the upper deck.

But the Park was just beautiful!
At TreeTop Nature Trail

Gazebo between Enclosure 5 & 6

This was taken on 2-13 of what I always call the "paddle boat lake".  The sun was out and the temperatures were climbing fast which made the snow melt even faster.

Looking into the woods at the Alabama Wildlife Center.

I was able to get some great shots of the birds at the feeder.
American Goldfinchs

This Eastern Phoebe was hanging out all day gleaning something off of the Sumac pods.  I finally got her while she was on a break.  One of my favorite baby birds.

Carolina Chickadee

Dark-eyed Junco

Lucky for the above birds, this gal was at TreeTop Nature Trail.
I had just finished feeding the raptors at TreeTop and headed to my car when I spotted this girl fly to a perch in this pine tree.  I zoomed in as faaaaaarrr as I could and steadied the camera as much as I could (it was cold and I was a bit shivery).  A Cooper's Hawk in adult plumage!

I have a few Owly goodies for ya.  I was on a hair accessory hunt to complete my ensamble for Wild About Chocolate and stopped in Forever 21.  Oh how many Owl accessories they had!!  Most of it was gold, which is not my thang, but they did have a few pieces in silver. 
I was going to get this necklace

But I could wear this one more easily (not being in the least fashionable to wear the prior)
and it was a bit cheaper .

Its a good thing the store didn't have this bag, because I woulda gotten it too and I really don't need it.

They didn't have this shirt in my size, thank goodness.  I'm really trying to save and pay off some stuff. Gosh its so hard!
There were a few other stores that had Owls in their accessories...Claires, Wet Seal so be on the lookout cause they're everywhere!

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