Monday, February 8, 2010

A Quick Owly Monday

Its been a pretty busy week at the Owl house.  Enjoyed the evening and EARLY morning in Lake Guntersville State Park for Eagl Weekend.  We presented some of our education raptors and had a really great crowd.  We got up early for a 6am bird trip that produced 8 Bald Eagles coming off of roost! So amazing! At 9am we headed out to the dam and watched an active Eagle nest.  The babies were small so it was difficult to see them, but Mom was on the nest and would occassionaly reach down to them and Dad was flying by and hunting for food.  Its just incredible to see them in the wild.

I was finally able to get some pictures of the Barn Owl Babies.  They're almost ready for release!

And the barbed wire Barn Owl is ::thisclose:: to being healed.  Amazing.

Thats it.  I'm working on a few projects to post and working on getting some of our Africa trip pictures together.  I might do those in several different posts. 
Have a great week everyone!
The Owl

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